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Car Leasing & Insurance

Everything you need to know about vehicle insurance for lease vehicles

Car Leasing & Insurance

Does leasing include insurance?

Insurance is not included in the monthly payments for a car-leasing contract, it is the responsibility of the individual or business leasing the vehicle to insure the vehicle.

What type of insurance do I need?

You will need to obtain fully comprehensive insurance, which needs to commence on the day of delivery, and the vehicle must remain insured until the day the vehicle is returned to the finance company.


For personal car leasing, the person whose name is on the vehicle lease agreement needs to also feature as the main insurance policyholder or named driver on the insurance certificate. If the lease is a business lease, the company’s or the director’s name should feature as the insurance policy holder on the insurance certificate.

Notifying the insurance company on ownership

For business contract hire and personal contract hire, the finance company is the registered owner of the vehicle, not you. All you have to do when applying for insurance for your new lease car is inform your insurer of this fact. 

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