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Servicing & Maintenance

Everything you need to know about maintenance for your lease vehicle

If you are entering into a car leasing contract you will need to maintain your vehicle in line with manufacturers guidelines.

For a fixed monthly fee vehicle maintenance can be included in your lease contract. It covers all routine servicing, maintenance and wear and tear with a fixed monthly rental. This spreads out motoring costs into manageable chunks, so there is never a large bill to contend with. The cost will vary due to the type of vehicle, length of lease and the mileage covered.

Key Benefits of a Maintenance Contract 

  • Fixed Monthly Cost
  • No unexpected maintenance costs
  • Accredited Garages
  • VAT Recoverable

What does it include?

Each leasing company have specific terms that also apply but as a general rule each will include the following:

  • All manufacturers’ scheduled services
  • Tyre repair and/or like-for-like replacement (exclusions apply)
  • Replacement of wear and tear items including; wipers, bulbs, batteries, exhausts, and brakes.
  • MOT tests (if applicable)
  • Breakdown assistance (dependent upon finance provider) 

What does it not include?

  • Repairs or replacements due to driver error or driver induced faults.
  • Damage sustained in a road traffic accident or caused by malicious damage or vandalism
  • Tyre and wheel replacements caused by abuse, neglect, theft, vandalism or sidewall damage
  • Missing or broken items
  • Damaged windscreen and/or glass replacement.
  • Misfuelling.
  • Consumables (e.g. oil, lubricant and fluid top ups or AdBlue, unless part of the service)

Please note that maintenance packages vary depending upon the finance provider.

If you choose not to take out a maintenance contract with your lease vehicle (customer maintained), you will be responsible for all maintenance and servicing costs throughout the duration of your contract.

For Vehicle Maintenance, Servicing or Repairs

If you have a maintenance package included in your vehicle lease then all you need to do is get in contact with your funder (the company you pay your monthly leasing bills to) and they will be able to direct you to their maintenance portal for servicing, maintenance, or breakdown assistance.


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